Wednesday, 9 March 2011

DIY - Fixing a dress

A friend of mine bought this dress in sales and she didn't tried it on. 1st mistake, ladies!! Never buy anything without trying. Never!
So she gave it to me, but it's TOO BIG! And this calls for a DIY.
I'm going to do a mini toturial in how to fix a dress to fit you. This toturial is good for when you go thrifting and you love the dress but it doesn't fit you... Just follow my steps...

TIME: about an hour
Difficulty: (3/5)

You will need:
- Loads of pins,
- A needle with thread,
- Scissors,
and a sewing machine...

 Put on the dress on and see what's wrong...
( it's too long... the baby doll fit doesn't fit where it's supposed to... and there's to much fabric underneath the armpits...)


Turn the dress inside out and pin it, do it yourself or ask a friend to do it...

 Sew everything, cut the ends and voila...
I also adjusted the breast line, but for some reason I forgot to take pics...
(you just have to do the same thing. Pin it and sew it C:)

Lots of Love,

P.S. Sorry for the messy post :x


  1. Tão lindo; tenho um igual!
    Por acaso o meu também foi comprado nos saldos e também era um pouco grande, mas só havia dois tamanhos - M e L. Devia ser um S, mas eu ponho um cinto e fica bem.
    Gostei do tutorial, nunca soube como apertar um vestido ou qualquer outra peça de roupa.


  2. muito bem :) o vestido é lindo, estive muito perto de o comprar.

    eu enviei-te um email. o titulo era tribo urbana. envia-me novamente o teu email para eu confirmar se está correcto. eu até o tenho nos enviados :/


Thank you (: