Sunday, 24 October 2010

I just LOVE charity SHOPS

I know I shoud have been here on my birthday's dat or something like that, but I had a relly busy week, and I'm here just to say that on Saturday I'm going to Oporto with a friend of mine, and going to a awesome charity shop,it's called EMAÚS. I haven't been there for ages... But since she wants a nice dress and I want something new in my wardrobe were going there... :)

I'm so excited, my wishlist for wednesday is:
- a dress
- flats
- a cardigan,
and something randomly awesome... 

I promisse to be back here that day to show you what I've bought :)

-the shop, outside-

Anyway, I didn't really get birthday gifts i wanted, but I liked what I got anyway. I got The Castle by kafka (dad), a cereal dispenser (David) a really pretty polka dot dress (mum) and some money :)

With love,
Patricia Silver

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Two days to go...

In two days I'll become sixteen years old, yeah I know, I'm really young. But from now to two years I will already be attending college, I hope. And preferably in London. Anyway that isn't the motive that got me here today. I came here just to post my wish list for this birthday.

1. Style Diaries. A book full of inspiring pictures of fashion bloggers around the world.

2. Zara dress. It is so adorable, when I saw this red tartan dress I absolutley fell in love with it, and it even has a ribbon that closes the backline in such a cute way.

3. Orla Kiely. A really pretty pillow, that maches just right with my bedroom.

4. Zana & Me. A silver blue eyed bunny ring by Zana & Me, I really want this one, momy.

5. Topshop shoes. The most pretty high heel sands I've ever seen.

Patricia Silver