Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Blog of the month...

Happy, honey and Lark

 I love the pictures, the style, her beauty...everything...

I wonder why and where she got that name...

I found this blog just by accident and I loved it,

Kalie is a blogger that brings up my favourite subjects.
Dressing up, eating, listening to music...
Among others...

And that's why "Happy Honey and Lark", is my pick for this month's Blog of the Month...


P.S. all pictures rights are reserved to Happy, Honey and Lark

Sunday, 26 December 2010

What do you have in your purse?

This is not really a purse, it's more like a bag...
But let's take a look...

1 - A book
2 - sunglasses
3 - iPod
4 - Coloured pencils + Drawing book (I need the drawing book and the pencils cause I'm in Arts)
5 - wallet
6 - keys (I'm always losing them)
7 - Visual Journal
8 - Lipstic and eyeliner + liquid eyeliner
9 - My special nib (My mum gave it to me when I went to 10th grade)
10 - Cookies (I always have to have cookies)
11 - Tissues
12 - phone
13 - Pencil case

What about yours?
What do you have in your bag?

Do you want a portrait?

If you give me a large picture, I can do a portrait in graphite pencil, coloured pencil and grey scale felt pens ...

(coloured pencils)

(grey scale felt pens)

 [ If you want to know about prices send me a message C: ]

Patricia Silver

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Dear Santa, dispite some mistakes I think I did really well this year...
 So, my wish list for this X-mas is...


P.S. I promisse to leave cookies and milk...

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Stripes, stripes, stripes...

Stripe's Lover

My weirdest obsession is definitely stripes. I just love stripes. Stripes, stripes and more stripes. I can’t get enough of them. Obviously I’m not going to match all the striped pieces of clothing I have. Never, ever! I hate to see two different striped pieces of clothing together in the same outfit. But stripes always looks good. In a top, a cardigan, a skirt, a bag... Here's to you, my most recent purchase. This striped top, by Zara. And yes I changed a bit the front by doing a ruffle. I usually change something in every piece of clothing I buy.

Getting it for half a price
The other day I was in the Topshop website and I found these two beauties. The thing is, they cost 80 something pounds, that’s at least 97 Euros, and that’s a lot of money...
But when I was looking for my mum’s birthday gift the other day I found a cape just like the ones from Topshop where the only different things were the buttons. Funny.
So, I’ll probably ask for that for Christmas. (hi-hi)

Friday, 26 November 2010

Blog of the Month...

D is for Dangerous, she says.

Bekah is a 19 yr old girl from north-east England, that has a unique sense of style.
I absolutley love it, and on top of it she's dying gorgeous...
 I can see that she also took her blog name from an Arctic Monkey's song...(hehe)
D is for Dangerous is my November pick for Best Blog of the Month... 

Love, PatriciaSilver*

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dress,eat, work, sleep, repeat...

Brown Jacket

It's the 24th of November, and outside it's 66ºF (18ºC) so you still see lots of people wearing summer clothes when Christams decorations are already set everywhere. Look at me, wearing just this jacket and a top. My mum gave me a new jacket, it's so comfy and warm, and it's also really pretty.
Do you recognize the brown heels? Yep, that's right! They are from my blog's top image. :)

New recipe

I usually "invent" new recipes and today I "created" another dish. It's a mix between a crape and an omelet with lots and lots of cheese and oregano. It was delicious. Try it.
(If you want the recipe ask for it)

Well, I'm going to finish it now and hope for it to be done today!


Lots of Work

I have to deliver these drawings tomorrow and none of them are done. The one on the right is pretty crowned, I only have to finish the scarf and some details, but in the other one I have so much to do. Finish her face, her hair, the sunflowers and the background. Ah-aaahh!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Get on your Dancin' Shoes...

I have new shoes! Hurray!

As you can see I have new shoes. Yeeeey!
I've been looking for some nice new brogues and I couldn't find ones. And I may say I was getting a bit sad. But the other day everything changed. Just by coincidence, I entered Aldo and I found these beauties. I personally don't like pointy shoes and all brogues I had seen lately were all pointy and these aren't. But the real reason why I bought them was because my uncle gave me the money. Anyway, do you like them?

"Autumn still lasts"

I HATE Winter! I don't mind the weather getting cold despite the fact that I don't like cold weather. But I abhor rain and wind in winter. Just go away! Fortunatly the weather hasn't been that bad as it was last year in November. "For me Autumn still lasts for others winter has already arrived" Some bit of my mum's books "Autumn still lasts".