Friday, 15 April 2011


I'm dead. It's official. I wanted to make sure that a friend (if "it" still is) wouldn't be bored if I had gain the courage to tell "it" after almost an year what was going through my mind... I just had to say it! But since I was too chicken of asking the person in question "it" opinion I asked her hypotetically what that person thinks about it. Well cause 'it' birthday is comming and I would be with that person (probably not anymore) and I would ask "it" face to face... But I was so, so dumb, that I forgot to did log out and now that person knows that the person who did all those weird questions IT'S ME! What shall I do? RESCUE ME!


  1. Acho que devias falar com ela, e tentar explicar o porquê das perguntas. Tentar esclarecer tudo.
    Não sei que mais posso dizer :S ; espero ter ajudado.

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Thank you (: