Sunday, 26 December 2010

What do you have in your purse?

This is not really a purse, it's more like a bag...
But let's take a look...

1 - A book
2 - sunglasses
3 - iPod
4 - Coloured pencils + Drawing book (I need the drawing book and the pencils cause I'm in Arts)
5 - wallet
6 - keys (I'm always losing them)
7 - Visual Journal
8 - Lipstic and eyeliner + liquid eyeliner
9 - My special nib (My mum gave it to me when I went to 10th grade)
10 - Cookies (I always have to have cookies)
11 - Tissues
12 - phone
13 - Pencil case

What about yours?
What do you have in your bag?

Do you want a portrait?

If you give me a large picture, I can do a portrait in graphite pencil, coloured pencil and grey scale felt pens ...

(coloured pencils)

(grey scale felt pens)

 [ If you want to know about prices send me a message C: ]

Patricia Silver

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  1. I love love love purse posts. You've totally inspired me to do a new one! I love looking in people's bags, its just the creeper in me ;) Hope you've had a lovely holiday and thanks for stopping by my blog. PS your portraits are stunning!


Thank you (: