Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bye Bye Sales,

Everyone, buy now what you wanted cause every shop is now on the third time sales, the prices are way lower, but you can still find lots of stuff...

My boyfriend bought me this dress,

I bought this dresss in Oysho for 4.20£ (5€),
(I wonder why my summer dresses all look like jamies...i know, because they really are xD ),

and this top, :)

Price and Worth & Profit

Price and worth are two very different things, I have a little purse that a friend of mine gave me and it cost 2£ and it's worth more than a million. Just like some things I have that I just wouldn't sell them for anything at all...
Do you have something that you will keep forever and never sell it or give it away 'cause you just can't?

But let's now talk about price and profit, and look what I found today...
The initial price was and now I bought it for 6,99€, that means 7€ so 6£.

I don't really like them this way, but as soon as I saw them I had the idea of taking that thing in the middle but I'm afraid...
Shall I do it?

- - -
P.S. I got a very late x-mas gift today :)
(it was from my aunt and my dad)
Look, sooooo many colours! :D

P.S.S. I'm goin to Oporto on Saturday, does anyone want to go with me?



  1. Adorei os vestidos e as sandalias! Há que aproveitar estes saldos da Zara, no verão comprei uma camisa 100% seda por 5.90€ que antes custava 40€ é preciso procurar e insistir :)
    Eu deixava as sandálias assim, têm graça.

  2. I love your dad present and the sandals are stunning!

  3. You're definitely bringing overalls back in style! Great detail in the back!


  4. Adorei o vestido às flores. O problema da Oysho para mim é que nunca sei se é suposto uma peça ser "pijama" ou não. Se bem que deve depender do uso que uma pessoa lhe queira dar...
    Quanto às sandálias eu experimentava tirar a parte central, mas por outro lado não sei até que ponto ficará realmente melhor. Sou uma ajuda tãooooo grande =P

    Gostei do teu blog. Vou seguir! *


Thank you (: