Sunday, 2 January 2011

Two thousand and eleven here we go!

Hello lovelies,
I wish you the best of all for this year :)

(I'm sorry for my abcense but I didn't have computer for a few days, so I couldn't post the christmas and new years photos.)

Resolutions for this year

Have you already set your resolutions for 2011?

1- Blog more often,
2- Learn how to play a new instrument,
3- Do a drawings portfolio,
4-  Learn a new language,
5- Clean a room at my place and turn it into a studio,
6- Make some summer clothes,
7- Work on summer time to buy all the things that I wish,
8- Do giveaways,
9- Finish decorating my bedroom,
10- Form a band,
11- Fresh up and update my blog,
12- Work more at school,
13- Help my mum to open her language school,
14- Be less stubborn,
15-  Start going more often to OPorto,
16- Reach out to some bloggers,
17 - And last but not least, Be happy.


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