Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Blog of The Month...

1st day of Spring...

Daniela  Rodrigues. 
The first portuguese blogger being featured in my Blog of the month C:

Daniela was born on March 1990.

Doesn't she look sexy with red lips?

She loves photography , music, cinema, literature, old stuff... just like I do...

She has three blogs I think,
I really like 1st day of Spring and Bacafuzadas Insalsáveis.

Just go to her blog, love it and follow it...

Lots of Love,


  1. gostei bastante das imagens.

  2. I love her blog too! she's stunning and have amazing style. Great post xx

  3. haha that is so freaky i just discovered her blog before yours and your post is about her. love it :)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  4. Oh Muito obrigada :) You made my day. Fiquei mesmo feliz :)

    Thanks a lot girls for your lovely comments (:


Thank you (: