Sunday, 13 February 2011

"I don't want it I just need it, I need to feel ALIVE!"


I know... more red... I'll promise you that in my next outfit post I won’t wear red.
Anyway, baggy dresses rule, they're comfy as hell and you can be big and look really good in them C:
And I'm really sorry for the lack of pictures and good ones too, but it was ranning and I just went out my kitchen door and took some pictures to update..
Summer Festivals
As you know Spring is approaching and Summer Festivals are coming so here in Portugal we have loads of them but the two that I’m definitely not missing are… Super bock, super Rock. Best beer ever and best summer billboard for 2011. Indie dudes were going to have a summer fest just for us, (yeaay) Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Portishead, Arcade Fire… and it’s far away from being finished. And the other one is Vagos Open Air, really near my city and Opeth are coming, I’m already there C:

Lots of Love,


  1. Ai o super bock! Adorava ir. Realmente o cartaz este ano está espectacular! Adorava mesmo poder ir. E mal posso esperar para ver o resto do cartaz.


  2. thanks:) your dress looks very nice :)

    xx, Sabinna and David

  3. gostei mesmo deste look! e tenho esse vestido em verde, o meu namorado ofereceu-mo :)


Thank you (: