Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Dress,eat, work, sleep, repeat...

Brown Jacket

It's the 24th of November, and outside it's 66ºF (18ºC) so you still see lots of people wearing summer clothes when Christams decorations are already set everywhere. Look at me, wearing just this jacket and a top. My mum gave me a new jacket, it's so comfy and warm, and it's also really pretty.
Do you recognize the brown heels? Yep, that's right! They are from my blog's top image. :)

New recipe

I usually "invent" new recipes and today I "created" another dish. It's a mix between a crape and an omelet with lots and lots of cheese and oregano. It was delicious. Try it.
(If you want the recipe ask for it)

Well, I'm going to finish it now and hope for it to be done today!


Lots of Work

I have to deliver these drawings tomorrow and none of them are done. The one on the right is pretty crowned, I only have to finish the scarf and some details, but in the other one I have so much to do. Finish her face, her hair, the sunflowers and the background. Ah-aaahh!


  1. Ohh o casaco igual ao meu! É mesmo lindo, no meu caso foi amor à primeira vista e graças à minha irmã tenho-o :)
    Sim, vi as malas! Muito obrigada pelos links e pela preocupação. São realmente identicas e muito mais baratas, mas eu vou esperar por procurar uma em Inglaterra visto que vou para lá em janeiro e tenho esperança de encontrar uma second hand num mercado ou numa charity shop!

    PS: o crepe/omelete parece delicioso!!

  2. PPS: não sei como consegues andar assim sem meias! aqui, apesar de ter estado sol, tem feito bastante frio, por volta dos 10ºC! **


Thank you (: