Monday, 22 November 2010

Get on your Dancin' Shoes...

I have new shoes! Hurray!

As you can see I have new shoes. Yeeeey!
I've been looking for some nice new brogues and I couldn't find ones. And I may say I was getting a bit sad. But the other day everything changed. Just by coincidence, I entered Aldo and I found these beauties. I personally don't like pointy shoes and all brogues I had seen lately were all pointy and these aren't. But the real reason why I bought them was because my uncle gave me the money. Anyway, do you like them?

"Autumn still lasts"

I HATE Winter! I don't mind the weather getting cold despite the fact that I don't like cold weather. But I abhor rain and wind in winter. Just go away! Fortunatly the weather hasn't been that bad as it was last year in November. "For me Autumn still lasts for others winter has already arrived" Some bit of my mum's books "Autumn still lasts".



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  1. adoro o look, simples mas bonito.
    os brogues da Aldo são fantásticos, na semana passada peguei nuns e a pele era tão suave que me apeteceu comprá-los logo, mas já tenho uns identicos... :/


Thank you (: